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If you follow my blog or know me at all, you will soon realize that I spell certain words differently from what you are used to seeing on most web sites. This is because I am Canadian and I am a spelling NUT. It drives me crazy when things are misspelled. So naturally, it would rub me the wrong way to purposely leave out letters from words that I know need them. Canadian spelling is actually a blend of British and U.S.

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I'm in Cricut Mag.
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April 23, 2017

Bridal Chair - A Make-over

The Making of a Bridal Chair

Why a bridal chair? For the story of WHY and HOW I made this chair, watch the video below. I'd love to know your comments after viewing the video.

From old and plain to      >>>>            Pretty and chic!

Here's a snippit from the video which follows.

Bridal Chair project by Grace Baxter, gracenotes4today.blogspot.com

The Making of a Bridal Chair

The Video

For best viewing quality, watch in full screen and HD.

Cleaned, sanded, filled
and primed

Painted and Custom
Cushion complete

Skirt being made

There were many steps to this project. The video above explains everything.
Thanks for visiting!

April 11, 2017

Sympathy Card


A Card and Poem by Grace Baxter

When words are not enough, and there is nothing you can do to help a grieving family member feel better... sometimes it helps to remember where that loved one is now, and that you will see each other again.

Forever. Sympathy card by Grace Baxter

Close-up Sentiment

This poem inside is entitled, "Forever". It is suitable for the loss of any loved one -- male, female, young or old. If you'd like to read the poem, search the "Sympathy" category at left and you will see it used for various loved ones.

Love Bug Engagement Card

The Love Bug Has Bitten

It took me awhile to come up with an Engagement Card theme! I am embarrassed to admit that I was not inspired for months. I wanted something unique, not too serious and above all else FUN. The engaged couple are my daughter and her fiancé.

Here is what I came up with:
Notice the font. I chose it because the love bugs have left their little nibbles and footprints around the words.

Love Bug engagement card by Grace Baxter

Love Bug Engagement card and poem by Grace Baxter

My daughter and her fiancé loved their card.

March 24, 2017

18th Birthday Card

Simple, Yet Effective

I shopped in ten stores, looking for a cute card for my nephew who was turning 18. I wasn't fussy about the theme, just wanted it fun and colourful. The same few pathetic cards showed up in several stores. The verses were absolutely lame. And then there was the plethora of disgusting, crude cards that I would never give to a young man -- certainly not my nephew.

My Tasteful Version

Happy 18th Birthday card fromt, designed by Grace Baxter

The card base is black, 5-1/2" square.
For extra dimension I embossed it with a block design. Then I lightly stamped the background with similar blocks. I use this simple technique to fill in bare spaces and add depth and perspective.

Cartridges Used

Celebrations - Balloons
Gypsy Wanderings - Happy Birthday
Sorry, I don't remember which font I used for "18th."

View showing shine and sparkle of the light aqua and silver cuts.


I wrote a poem written especially for my nephew, Adam. He was pretty happy with my card.

And honestly, I could have saved myself hours of shopping, simply by making my own card in the first place!

February 7, 2017

Gatefold Valentine

Girlie Gatefold Valentine

Made With Cricut Explore

My Cricut Explore Air made this valentine fairly simple. Last February, I was not yet familiar with my new Cricut but was determined to make something pretty. This was the first valentine I created.

Gatefold Card Front

The writing feature on the Explore made the scrolly designs easy.

November 12, 2016

Garden Box Card

75th Birthday Box Card

garden box card, by Grace Baxter. Gracenotes4today.blogspot.com

This card is for a special sister who loves gardening and obviously, flowers. The "exploding box" card is always a fun surprise for the recipient. Here is my version.

All the flowers are double.
There is a subtle reminder of the 75th birthday with the silver numbers tucked behind the flowers.

The name, "Angie" was created and welded in the Cricut Design Space.

The closed overall size of the card is 4-1/4" x 5-1/2". It did require a larger envelope because of the thickness of the flowers inside.

flower garden box card, closed. By Grace Baxter, gracenotes4today.blogspot.comPanels on the outside top flaps are matted. The top layer is embossed for extra dimension.
Another picture from a different angle.

flower garden box card by Grace Baxter. Gracenotes4today.blogspot.com

My recipient loved her card, which always makes me happy.

August 31, 2016


40th. Birthday Card

A card celebrating a 40th birthday needs to be something unique. I created this one to please a vintage-loving, VW enthusiast and "car guy".

40th Birthday card, by Grace Baxter

Vintage VW

My recipient owns a 1954 VW Beetle and loves all things Volkswagen. After researching every VW site online, I could not find anything that would work as a focal point.

The solution? MAKE MY OWN! I came across a gift bag that had VW bugs all over it in various colours. I bought the bag which became the gift bag for a sign I made. (See that post HERE).

I scanned the car that had the best angle. In PhotoShop, I flipped it and cleaned up the image. Then I imported my image into Cricut Design Space where I printed and cut it out.

The sizing (which was tricky to figure out) was perfect for my card front! I was pretty excited about the way it turned out -- all old and vintage looking. PLUS, the card now perfectly tied in with the gift bag!

Vintage VWfor 40th Bday Card, by Grace Baxter

Maximum 40

In thinking about the number 40, I decided to make a sign for the card's front. The play on words is fun but also true! I created the sign in PhotoShop.


A poem written especially for the recipient is hidden until the card is opened up wide.

VW Bug Shutter Card, designed by Grace Baxter

VW Bug Shutter Card, open wide. By Grace Baxter

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