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If you follow my blog or know me at all, you will soon realize that I spell certain words differently from what you are used to seeing on most web sites. This is because I am Canadian and I am a spelling NUT. It drives me crazy when things are misspelled. So naturally, it would rub me the wrong way to purposely leave out letters from words that I know need them. Canadian spelling is actually a blend of British and U.S.

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I'm in Cricut Mag.
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October 22, 2009

50th. Anniversary Card

Beyond Ordinary

This card gave me a headache. Literally! I was determined to make something lovely and no matter how hard I thought or tried different things, it just wasn't working. It seemed too flat... lifeless.

Then I decided to look beyond my usual scrapbooking embellishments and pulled sewing and knitting notions from my Mother's stash.

I found the gold cording which really is not cording at all. It's very soft. I made a couple of tassles and decided they would be better suited to the bookmarks I'm making.

So back to the shelf. In a jar of beads, I found a little vial of the prettiest gold, shimmery beads. The label said 'knitting beads'.

I was so happy to be able to find a use for these shiny little glass gems, and I smiled to myself thinking of what Mom might say if she knew I was using them.

Back to the card. The overall size is 5x7 inches. The base is a gold-yellow marble cardstock. I used 6 different papers, some lightweight, some cardstock weight. While browsing through the specialty papers at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Jo-Ann's, I came across the music paper and the cream with gold swirls. I can't remember where I bought them as I was quite excited about the sales going on at all three stores last week. I just knew I would be working with gold for this golden anniversary card.

The Sweethearts cartridge has so many adorable designs, it took awhile to decide on what to use. I wanted to use the famous love verse from I Corinthians, chapter 13 (commonly called the love chapter).  So first, I prepared the scripture verse on my computer, testing different fonts until I found the one that works best with the "Love" word on the cartridge. I love it's script look. I also wanted the number 50 to appear somewhere. The hardest part was trying to stick to one theme as there are so many ways I could've gone with this. The verse cream square is 3"x3", then matted on sea green to give a 1/4" border.

The string of beads looked good in a few places, but I like the symbolism of there being 3 beads; for faith, hope and love. That's when I knew they needed to be at the top near those words.

The scroll heart is cut at size 2-1/2, shadowed with brown and popped. There are 4 layers to the heart, not counting the numbers. The numerals 5 and 0 are layered on top of 4 copies from white stock, edges inked with gold to match. The top faces of "Love" and "50" are cut from a luminescent, shimmery gold paper that feels like vellum. The pictures don't really show it's sparkle.

In making the small bow, I worked another gold bead into the tying of it so that the bead sits right in the centre of the knot. I like the way it's perched on the edge of the heart.

Inside, the verse was created on my computer, as was the sentiment on the left inside panel. Using gold metallic paint, I inked the outer edge of the front, and the cream swirl frames inside.

October 19, 2009

Let Your Light Shine Card

Encouragement or Congrats

I love discovering new ways to use my Cricut cartridges. When I first got my "Life Is A Beach" cartridge, I couldn't stop staring at the lighthouse. The well-known gospel song "The Lighthouse" immediately came to mind and I knew I had to design a card using this theme.

There are several Bible verses that talk about our being light, and letting our light shine. So that was IT! My "SHINE" card was envisioned and I got busy figuring out the best way to use the elements of the cartridge.

The image at the right shows the various components of this card. Using the Square Card feature, I cut the base out of a beautiful sea green, at size 5. 


I knew I wanted the window to draw me in, but I wanted to camouflage whatever writing would go inside later. Also, for stability, the lighthouse needed a sheer but sturdy backup. The answer? Vellum, of course! White was too lifeless. Blue was perfect. I love how sheer and pretty it looks when the light filters through.


Before attaching the vellum, I cut a strip of waves; one in aqua, and one in white for the whitecaps. These are staggered and glued to the back of the front panel. Now I was starting to get excited! The whole time I worked on this card I kept thinking about the song, remembering that Jesus truly is my Lighthouse and how amazing that is. He is also the "Light of the world"!

Getting back to the card... next, I attached ribbon over the white front, using a simple knot. With all my parts cut and ready to assemble, I made a sandwich of the three layers, placing the vellum between the front panel and the green card base, being careful not to let any glue show through the vellum.


The cardstock, being green, needed a white writing panel. That was easy. But oh the seagulls! Love them. I lightly shaded the edges of the white birds to give them a bit more life.

The finished card is one-of-a-kind, as of this posting date. I love everything about it... the Bible verse at the top, and the light streaming from the lighthouse onto the waves. It so represents my life. I am saving this card for a special recipient.

Since it took quite awhile to make, with extra time spent on figuring out the placement of printing the verse in the correct spot, this one is my BABY. Each time I look at it, I receive a blessing.

I will probably make more of these, once I get over being so attached to this one. You have no idea how I held out before positing the details on my blog for this card.

All I can say is, I encourage any of you reading this today, thank God for his careful watch over your life every day. Thank Him for HIS Light. And then... let your light SHINE for all the world to see!

Belted Ribbon Thank You Card

For this card I used Fabulous Finds and Alphalicious cartridges. This is my first attempt at making belt buckles. They're a lot of fun to do. You can stack them as thick as you want. I used bronze metallic paper, then inked the edges with bronze ink to cover the white layers and make them match the face layer.

I cut buckle 4 at size 1. Size 1-1/4 was just too wide for the size of this card and the 1-inch ribbon I wanted to use.  The arched frame was created by cutting slide holder 1 with the feature "windows" on.

Inside, I used a computer generated Bible verse on the top panel. For the bottom inside panel, I cut braces from the Alphalicious cartridge at size 2. The cream-coloured writing panel is cut to fit inside the green braces and edges are inked in bronze.
October 15, 2009

Fall Cards

Here are my latest "Thank-You" fall cards. For some reason, they seemed to take a long time to finish. I had so many ideas rolling around in my head, I couldn't decide what to do.

I started by using some purchased plain note cards. I bought them at Target and they were super cheap. The packaging was damaged but the cards inside were fine. They even came with matching envelopes. I loved the bright cheerful orange, which lends itself so well to adding all the other fall colours.

For the first card, I cut a panel from fall leaves paper. This paper came as 8-1/2x11 and you use less than a quarter sheet for each note card so it is very economical. I really like the look of chipboard and make my own from several layers of white cardstock, 65 lb. purchased at Staples.

I cut the frame from cream cardstock at 2.5 using the Home Decor cartridge and layered a brown border from the same shape. I inked around the edge of the brown border using bronze metalic ink. The "thank you" sentiment was cut and shadowed using Beyond Birthdays. I cut the tree branches from Home Decor at size 2.5. The inside of the card is blank.

The second card is also a "Thank-you" card. This one is horizontal. Using the same orange base card, I created several layers for the front. The first is brown. On top of the brown I placed a small rectangle of the leaf paper described above. Then I tied a sheer knotted ribbon around the entire brown card, taping it at the back. I love this shimmery ribbon!

The most time-consuming thing to make was the sentiment panel. After trying several cuts with the Cricut, I decided to make the sentiment on my computer, using the Renaissance Script font. I printed the sentiment on cream textured paper and cut it to fit my bookplate.

Using Fabulous Finds, I cut bookplate 9 from green stock, then shadowed it with goldenrod, both cut at size 2. Next, I assembled the three layers of the bookplate and added brads and some dimensional pops.

Inside: The graphic (top panel) was created on my computer. The bottom panel is cream with edges inked in brown. I added leaves cut from Stretch Your Imagination, at size 1 and 1.5.
October 14, 2009

Canadian Thanksgiving

Well, I've been away for a few days, celebrating our Canadian Thanksgiving with friends and family. And what a great weekend it was!

It started out with a visit to Newmarket, Ontario where our dear friends Tom and Connie invited us to stay with them a couple of days. Of course our first meal there had to be Swiss Chalet. We took a lovely country ride to see the fall colours and take some pics. It was just relaxing and nice to not be rushed, and be able to take in nature. Then on Sunday morning, early, we headed for Whitby where we sang at Whitby Community Church. Then off for lunch with friends and family.

Thanksgiving Monday, we enjoyed a FABULOUS dinner at my daughter's home. I was thrilled that one of my daughters baked special sugar-free desserts (with me in mind). Everyone got to enjoy the pumpkin-ginger pie... so creamy and yummy. There was also apple pie and regular pumpkin (for those who don't have a problem with sugar).

The ride back to Michigan was far too long because of a flat tire. It seemed to take forever for the tow truck to reach us, and an even longer time for them to switch the tires.

Now that I'm back home, I'm ready to get back into cardmaking. I have several ideas rolling around in my mind. And now that Thanksgiving is over, it's Countdown to Christmas!
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