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I'm in Cricut Mag.
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June 18, 2010

June Anniversary Card

anniversary shutter card, designed by Grace Baxter

With June being the most popular month for weddings in past years, it's for sure there are many June anniversaries. My sister, who is celebrating her anniversary today, loves flowers any way she can get them, so I'm sure she will enjoy these.

When I first saw this package of stickers, without hesitation I had to have them! I wasn't sure where or how I'd use them, but somehow they touched a chord in me and made me feel happy. Don't you love when that happens?

This is the first tri-shutter card I've ever made. Of course, being the paper nut that I am, I bought wayyyy too many beautiful papers in shades of purple and green. I couldn't help myself! This card only required a few.

For this card, the beautiful stickers take the spotlight. These are from the Tim Coffey collection by K&Compay. They are mounted on plain white and "popped" for dimension. For most of the panels, I chose to emboss rather than go with a busy printed paper.

This design can be used for any occasion, only needing the centre message to be changed appropriately. I made a personalized message on the computer and attached it to the back of the closed card. I hope the recipients think to turn it over and look there!

The Anniversary sentiment was cut with the Cricut using the Sweethearts cartridge.

June 15, 2010

Smile! It's Your Day!

This card came together quickly. And while masculine card ideas are not in huge supply, I found that by flipping through my Cricut cartridge books, several designs would've worked.

This time, the gift bag was my colour inspiration. Black, silver, gray on their own are a bit drab. Fortunately, I had some high quality card stock from a huge supply I purchased at Costco. These papers are smooth and just the perfect weight for cards.

The card base is silver pearlized. The front background is a print of stars in grays, white and burgundy. The touch of burgundy is what brought life to the scheme.

The camera and "Smile" are from Going Places. I added a very shiny silver metallic piece behind the camera and a small piece for the flash of the camera.

"Smile" is cut at 2-1/2  once from white, twice from black. The camera is cut once at 2 and once at 2, shadowed.

I first glued down the shadow pieces for both "Smile" and camera. I embossed the white "Smile" in argyle. Manly, right? Then I glued the white Smile to the remaining shadow piece. I stuck several pop dots to the back and adhered it to the card over it's shadow.

I also applied pop dots to the back of the camera and stuck it over it's shadow on the card.

"It's Your Day" is from Celebrations cartridge, cut at 2-1/2 and shadowed. For the verse inside, I wanted to keep it very simple. (Most men don't like reading long, wordy cards.) These words are small stamps that can be configured in many ways.

Celebrate everything. Happy Birthday. A balloon in the middle. Simple phrasing that's just enough!

The white frame was cut from Storybook.

Cartridges Used:
Going Places - Camera and "Smile" sentiment
Celebrations - "It's Your Day" sentiment
Storybook - inside white frame
June 14, 2010


Sometimes words are not enough. And in writing today's blog, I am having trouble finding the words to describe how this card came about. It is what we would normally call a "sympathy" card. And yet, although tremendous sadness and loss are very real to my dear friend and her family, I know that for them ... they will one day be rejoined with their loved one in celebration and joy.

As I was looking over my card making materials and trying to think of what I could possibly offer as a condolence, my eyes fell upon the word "Forever".  I immediately thought about this family and the grief they must be feeling. Then I thought about love and how it truly does remain forever. We never forget those whom we love. Never. And because we are made in the image of God, He has made us to live forever. Oh, not here... but in a better place that He has prepared for us.

While constructing this card, I wondered what I would write inside. I even went shopping to see if anyone has written just the right sentiment to convey. Though some were nice, they did not tell the right story. I wanted to remind my friend that this is NOT the end. She WILL see her much-loved family member, and what a reunion day that will be!

God gave me the words for the poem, Forever.  At first, I wasn't going to share the poem. I have since used it in another sympathy card, customizing it for that recipient. You can read the poem HERE in the other posting.

This card was made and sent with a prayer that God will wrap his arms of love around each family member who is hurting, and comfort them with His love.

June 10, 2010


When my son, Matthew became a Dad for the first time, I wanted to give him something special. The little book I put together brings back memories of both grandfathers and his own dad.

The pictures of Matthew with each grandpa and his dad tell a story. I could hardly hold back the tears as I was designing this Father's Day memento.

The book is chipboard, with each page covered in coordinated paper.

The front sentiment was printed on vellum, allowing space for the large "DAD" in the center, from Beyond Birthdays.

After collecting and resizing the pictures I wanted to use, I thought about what each man's personality was like.

Each of these role models in my son's life had their own special attributes and I wanted my son to never forget the kinds of men they were.

For each page, I made a title befitting that person's page, and I created tags to tell their story. Titles are cut from my favorite font, Alphalicious.

This project was so much fun to do. When it was completed, I could not stop looking through it, over and over. It brought back a flood of memories for me, remembering my Dad and seeing him in the picture with my son at age 1-1/2. Such precious memories.

I know this little book will be treasured by my son for years to come. He may even pass it on to his boy, the newborn infant on the last page.

FLAB TWISTER ~ My family does the craziest things!

Today I am sharing a video that will show you just how silly our family can be when we all get together. It doesn't take very much for the creative juices to start flowing. As soon as one of us gets an idea, all the rest jump in and expand on that, making it more and more HILARIOUS.

In this clip, you'll see my daughter Rebecca demonstrating the "Flab Twister" and what it can do for you. The happy "Subjects" are my two daughters'  boyfriends and my little nephew who was giggling histerically through most of the video. He is around ten years old.

June 3, 2010

Sunflower Birthday Blessings

Sunflower Tall Card

Do you ever get designer's block? It's similar to writer's block, only with the creations you make. This card, although simple in style actually took a long time to complete, mostly because of sizing issues. This is my first tall card, 4"x9".

It fits perfectly into a #10 business envelope! That feature alone makes this size worth the effort.

What is the one flower guaranteed to put a smile on your face? The Sunflower is loved for many things, not the least of which are it's seeds. But I love them just for the happiness they exude.

This one is layered all over the place. The brown centre is double-layered with pop-dots underneath. Didn't plan on doing that, but after I edged the petals in gold gilding the flower began to look more glamorous and a flat center just wouldn't cut it. Don't laugh! Sunflowers can be glamorous.

Click on the pic at left to see this little fellow from the side. And I hate to brag but I must draw your attention to the little pile of garden dirt at the base of the sunflower. Well you can't have a flower standing in the middle of nothingness!

Inside, this card has many layers. The poem and personal message were prepared and printed on regular computer paper, then adhered to white stock, edged in green. For extra dimension, I made another mat edged in brown.

The ribbon wraps all around the card. I wanted it to peak between the panels inside.

Here's a closeup of inside layers.

I've really been enjoying pearlized card stock lately for its glimmer and shine. I used spring green to mat the flower, which is first matted with plain white. Of course it needed lattice on top.

Inside, there's a lot to read. I came across a wonderful poem which is long and narrow when printed, so voila!

The flower trio was cut on the border setting. And of course, the cartridge used was Walk In My Garden.

So there you have it. I think I'll make a few more of these to have on hand.


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