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If you follow my blog or know me at all, you will soon realize that I spell certain words differently from what you are used to seeing on most web sites. This is because I am Canadian and I am a spelling NUT. It drives me crazy when things are misspelled. So naturally, it would rub me the wrong way to purposely leave out letters from words that I know need them. Canadian spelling is actually a blend of British and U.S.

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I'm in Cricut Mag.
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November 8, 2010

Cheery Christmas Tags


Christmas gift tags; skates, holly, snowmen
I'm getting a start on my Christmas tags with a variety of themes, all done in the traditional colours of Red, White and Green. My mind was swimming with ideas and I could barely focus on just a few ideas when I finally came up with these. More are on the way.

I Love Skates
figure skates Christmas tags
Ever since I was a girl I have always loved white figure skates. I used to be quite a good skater, and would stay out in the freezing cold, skating for hours until I could no longer feel my toes or my nose.

What does that have to do with cards? Only that who we are comes out in the things we create.

figure skate tag/card
These skates are cut from two different cartridges: Winter Woodland and Joys of the Season. All shapes are cut at size 3. Notice the jingle bell on the red and white tag? I ALWAYS used to put jingle bells on the toes of my skates. It was so much fun to hear them jingling as I skated around the outdoor rink. Skates are so bare without them!

holly Christmas tag with window
Holly and Vellum
There always needs to be a touch of holly. This little card is 3x3". The window is backed with swirly vellum.

This was cut using the card feature with another layer for green leaves. Then I added some coarse green glitter to the edges and red rhinestones for the berries. I used a small stamp for the "Fa la la's" and added a red ribbon for attaching to a gift.

snowman  gift tags
Juggling Snowmen
This is such a cute cut from the JOTS cartridge. I used the positive and negative cuts from the snowmen and it gave me two tags. On the green tag, the ornament top is painted with MS silver paint marker. You can see the reverse one on the left shows a bit of the silver paint around the cutout stars. I call it "star glow".
November 6, 2010

Attitude Blog Award

I never thought of myself as having "attitude" but apparently Peggy and Donna at Daily Grace Creations think my BLOG HAS.  Thank you ladies, for your kind comments and for selecting me as one of your five recipients of this award.

To accept this award, I have to list three things that make my blog unique. Then I have to pass it on to five new recipients.

What makes my blog different or unique?

1. The name. As a child, I disliked my name, thinking it was too old-fashioned. But as I matured, I learned that the word "grace" means "unmerited favour". Every day I am aware of the grace of God working in my life and I am so thankful for that.

   ALSO, "grace notes" is a musical term given to a small extra note in the music score that adds decoration and fun to the music. It's definition is:
~ Noun, music. A note not essential to the harmony or melody, added as an embellishment.
I never thought of it before but I see how the grace note adds attitude. My whole blog is a result of starting out making thank-you Notes. I am also a musician. So the name Gracenotes picked me, for many reasons!

2. I use the three C's in creating my designs: my Cricut, Cuttlebug and Computer.

3. Designs. I look beyond the obvious and find ways to give the Cricut shapes and phrases a Christian emphasis. An example of this is the Lighthouse Card. Another example is my Angie card. In other words, they are one-of-a-kind cards. I believe God inspires me with ideas. Sometimes I can look at a cut shape or phrase and immediately a Bible verse and design will immediately come to mind. I get very excited when that happens and can't wait to get working on the card.

And now for my five worthy recipients of this award:
Melissa, INKclinations

Thank you again, Peggy and Donna. I appreciate your encouraging comments and thoughtfulness.
Thanks to everyone for visiting and especially my faithful followers.
November 2, 2010

Birthday Easel Card

Anyone on your list would enjoy a card that features their name. This one is for my sister and includes some of her favourite things, old-fashioned roses, pearls and lace. As always, I designed this card specifically for her tastes.

The completed card size is 5-1/2 x 5-1/2" when closed. The base is black.
Front cover is pink, layered with white and then rose paper.
Punched green strip of lace is glued to the back of rose-lined white panel.

The "A" was cut from pearlized stock in green at size 5, then shadowed in black. The remaining letters are size 1, cut from pink and shadowed in black. For that touch of elegance I added pearls to the "A" but NOT until the whole card was assembled. Cartridges listed below.

The inside top half of the card is split in half again to allow the card to bend when displayed. I used the same rose paper and cut pieces to fit the top and bottom sections.
I prepared the "sisters" poem on my computer, printed on white card stock. I cut it down to size and inked the edges in green. 

For the main message, I first prepared my message on the computer and printed it on white cardstock, leaving enough room at the bottom for the raised "stopper". I punched the corners using my MS lace corner punch to match lace on the front.

Happy Birthday sentiment is cut from black sparkly cardstock at size 2-1/2 using the oval card feature on the overlay. Note, this cardstock is very thick so the blade needed to be lowered to 6, with pressure at 5.
I cut another oval from plain white to layer, for more stability.
Using the negative oval hole from the black cutout, I traced an oval onto pink card stock and cut it out by hand.
I glued all the oval parts together and added thick dimensional pads underneath. This provided a nice high "stopper" for the easel.

Storybook - lettering on front
Beyond Birthdays - "Happy Birthday" oval

November 1, 2010

Sugar Mama Apron

Sugar Mama, Julia
My daughter Julia, owns a cupcake business called Sugar Mama. I had been wanting to make her a special apron for a long time but just couldn't find the right fabric. When I finally came across this adorable cupcake fabric at JoAnn's I had to buy it.

The apron gives full coverage and is fully faced with the same fabric. The bib is brown with a tiny dot print. I think the colours are yummy, but more importantly, they are the very colours in Sugar Mama's logo.

As with all my designs, the hard part is deciding on the colour combination. A white bib was too boring, though crisp. But I wanted the logo to stand out more. Tried aqua, then decided to go with the brown dot for the bib. It might also help hide those inevitable little splashes of chocolate.

The Logo

For the logo I purchased a a package of fabric transfers from Staples. I downloaded Sugar Mama's logo from the website and enlarged it from 1.5 inches to 5.5 inches.

Apron bib with logo

It took a couple of tries to get the logo piece right. The transfer medium is quite delicate and you have to use just the right pressure and heat for it to work.

You'll notice an aqua colour in the logo. The cupcake fabric also has a small hit of aqua here and there. But to emphasize the colour more, I made the pocket from a piece of aqua having a subtle print.

Apron Front

The pocket has a band of the brown dot, and the white hem banding has another band made from the same brown dot fabric.

By the way, please take a moment to browse around the Sugar Mama site. The cupcakes are sooooo yummy, you may want to order some for your next party or family gathering.

Back of cupcake apron
Apron Back

I made a coordinating "Reflect" birthday card to match the colours of the apron. Click HERE for the card.

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

The wrap-around style provides full coverage (protection from splashes of cake batter).

full-length cupcake apron open
Full Apron Front
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