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December 28, 2015

Custom Pillow Cases

Winter Linens

Custom and designer pillow slips are very expensive, and you may not find exactly what you're looking for in the stores. I decided to make my own. These are gifts for family members and match their personal style and particular decor.

Come January, we will see lots of "white sales" with deals on bed linens. But sometimes, you need something ... custom. I made each of these from high quality cotton that are as smooth as they are attractive.

The best part? All seams are enclosed and hidden, so no fraying and no ugly top stitching. They will launder like a dream and last for many years.

Stars and Winter Trees

Starry Night custom pillow cases, by Grace Baxter
"Starry Night" Custom Pillow Cases

The silver stars are as sparkly as the wee snowflakes over the trees. I couldn't resist adding some shiny silver binding to separate the two fabrics. It's actually very soft to the touch.

Elegant Snowflakes

Elegant SNowflakes, Custom Pillow Cases by Grace Baxter
"Elegant Snowflakes" Custom Pillow Cases

I was thrilled to find pretty snowflake fabric that has just a touch of coral in the design. I was even more excited to find the exact matching plain coral for the cuffs!  No other embellishment was necessary. The snowflakes actually have a touch of silver outlining them. These match my daughter's coral bedding and sheers perfectly.

custom pillow cases by Grace Baxter
Custom Pillow Cases

For Little Boys

This fabric is what got me excited about making custom pillow cases. I HAD to buy it. How cute is this design for little boys? Construction dogs, upside down and right side up... who can say which is right? They are all so cute. And the matching border fabric! Adorable.

Construction Dogs, custom pillow cases by Grace Baxter
"Construction Dogs" Child's Pillow Case

I really enjoyed making all of these pillow slips. And the method for making them up is different from anything I've done before. I plan on making more, as they are easy to do and definitely worth the effort. By the way, they are a generous size  (22" wide x 30" long) and will fit the puffiest pillows!

Pillow Cases by Grace Baxter

I always welcome your comments and questions.

December 17, 2015

Christmas Train

Sending Christmas Fun

This card is in answer to the Charlotte C's request that I make something for children. And what child doesn't love a train, especially one driven by a teddy bear and pulling loads of presents and fun!

For the full details, go to IT'S ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS. I've even made a video to better show off the details. You'll want to click the YouTube option to see it in high def.

Christmas train, children's Christmas card, designed by Grace Baxter
3-panel Christmas Card

Here you go, Charlotte. Thanks for reminding me
to do something special for the kids.

December 15, 2015

Bringing in the Greens

The Holly and the Ivy

In my November 24th post, I offered a chance for my followers to share their favourite Christmas theme, and I would make a card featuring that theme.

In response, Cocoa's Mom expressed her favourite theme:

What a fun idea, Grace! My favorite Christmas theme is the greenery. From the special 'Bringing in the Greens' service at church to the holly sprigs Mom tucked behind every picture to the tree lighting in the nearby town, this was the signal that the season was upon us. And, of course, my favorite carol is "The Holly and the Ivy!" : )
So here is my card, designed from the inspiration Cocoa's Mom provided. I also love designing cards and tags around themes provided in Christmas Carols . See my jumbo tags from Christmas 2014, featuring Away in a Manger and Silent Night version 1 and Silent Night version 2.

I did some research to learn more about the tradition of  "Hanging of the Greens" or Bringing in the Greens  

Card Inside

You'll find the story on the inside of the card. I never realized before that the carol, The Holly and the Ivy goes back in history to the days of the Pilgrims. The words are important to the whole idea of "Bringing in the Greens".

This card was fun to make. Thank you, Cocoa's Mom for the inspiration!

Cartridges Used

Elegant Edges - Scalloped border, frames for music
Anna Griffin's Winter Wonderland - holly

December 14, 2015

Humorous Feminine B-day Card

Just Between Women...

A humorous tongue-in-cheek sentiment is sometimes the perfect Birthday inspiration. I know my recipient will get a kick out of this one.

Card size is 5-1/2" square, gatefold style.

humorous feminine b-day card, by Grace Baxter
Cup Size Counts - Front

Cup Size Counts - Inside

The inside features the largest cup size I could fit onto the page!

Cartridges Used

Elegant Edges - Frame on front
CCR Basics - speech bubble
Suburbia - woman on front, large teacup inside
A Child's Year - small cup and teapot inside

December 10, 2015

Throw-back Thursday TAGS

Anything Good Is Worth Repeating

Five years ago, I created a set of Christmas gift tags, all in the traditional red, white and green. I still love that colour combination today. In case you missed that posting, I'm sharing it here.

These will also give you a reminder of what can be done with some of your older Cricut cartridges. All tags are book style and open to give you plenty of room to write.

Christmas tags: red, white, green. Designed by Grace Baxter

Original Post:  Cheery Christmas Tags

Two Different Skates, tags by Grace Baxter
Left: Speed Skate
Right: Figure Skate
Two different skates

Speed skate is old-fashioned and cute.  I remember my friend's father wore a pair of black speed skates, and boy! Could he fly around the rink in those!

Figure skate is the perfect tag for all the girls in the family.

Christmas tags, Juggling snowmen, by Grace Baxter
Juggling Snowmen

I was able to  make 2 cards from one cut, using the negative of the cutout piece. Read about the "star glow".

Christmas tag, Holly in the Window, by Grace Baxter
Holly with Vellum Window

3" x 3" window tag. Vellum window has swirls. with glittered  holly. Berries are glass rhinestones.

Cartridges Used

Joys of the Season - speed skate, jugging snowman, holly
Winter Woodland - skate with bell, holly


Happy Cardmaking, Friends!


December 6, 2015

Happy Bruce Day

Making it Personal

I designed this card for my son-in-law who didn't mind that it was a few days late. When I apologized for the card coming late, he said, "Every day is Bruce Day!" 

That thought was the inspiration for the entire card. The poem inside, written just for him, reiterates the theme.

I love the combination of the pinstripe cardstock with the image of the gentleman leaning against a lamppost. It's classy and sophisticated; a refreshing change from the usual sports-themed imagery we usually find in men's cards. And what woman doesn't love a man in a suit!

Happy Bruce Day, masculine b-day card by Grace Baxter
Happy Bruce Day, Card Front


Bruce Day poem by Grace Baxter, ©copyright 2015
Inside Card Poem, "Bruce Day"
©Grace Baxter 2015

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