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The contents of this web site including all text, graphics, photos and design ideas are my own. If you use any of my designs, please provide a link back to this blog page.

If you use my poems in any way, would you please comply with copyright rules and give credit by providing a link back to this page if posted online: gracenotes4today.blogspot.com.

If you use my poetry for UNPUBLISHED projects, please type a byline under the poem's title or somewhere in the description stating Grace M. Baxter as the author. Thank you.

About Spelling

If you follow my blog or know me at all, you will soon realize that I spell certain words differently from what you are used to seeing on most web sites. This is because I am Canadian and I am a spelling NUT. It drives me crazy when things are misspelled. So naturally, it would rub me the wrong way to purposely leave out letters from words that I know need them. Canadian spelling is actually a blend of British and U.S.

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I'm in Cricut Mag.

I'm in Cricut Mag.
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Awards by Grace Notes

My Award Designs

I love giving awards out, and it's even more fun for me to follow my awards and see where they end up.

Simply Inspiring!

Simpy Inspiring! Blog award by Grace Baxter
I've heard it said that behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining. The bloggers I want to acknowledge with this award are people who are not shy to demonstrate their faith through their crafts. It is evident in their creativeness and by their very inspiring works of art, also known as cards. I totally believe that our Creator has blessed such individuals with an extra dose of artistry. Oh, you may not think you are an artist but I have come to recognize the hand of God in people's lives. I see how He works and uses everyday things to bless us.

These creative people are able to take crafting elements -- simple items like glue, cardstock, ribbon and sparkles, and fashion a lovely card that speaks words of kindness, hope, joy, peace and love. They may find inspiration for their work in scripture verses and carry that vision through to the completed card. And since every good and perfect thing comes from above, through this award I am letting them know that their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for sharing your heart and God's love through your beautiful cards.

Here are the easy rules of acceptance for the Simply Inspiring! award.

1.   Right-click the award and save it to your computer (in an easy-to-find place).
2.   In a few words, describe any of the following, (a), (b) or (c):

(a)  What you love about creating your cards (e.g., your favourite technique, or going through the process of coming up with an idea... whatever you enjoy most).
(b)  Tell about the reaction received from any recipient of your cards. How did it make their day?
(c)  How do you choose the 'message' for your cards?

3.   Lastly, after passing the award on to others, place the award in a side bar or somewhere visible on your site for all the world to see, linking it back to http://gracenotes4today.blogspot.com so that I will be able to follow the bread-crumb trail to future recipients. It brings me so much joy to see how others are blessed through card making. And by my visiting your favourite sites, you might just be helping me find worthy recipients for upcoming awards!

Pass the award on to worthy recipients whose creativity you admire; someone who, like you, garners their inspiration from Bible verses and/or quotes by godly people. The number of people you choose to award is unlimited.

Along with the reward, be sure to copy and paste these instructions for the recipients.

A Thing of Beauty

A Thing of Beauty, blog award by Grace Baxter
You will see this award popping up all over the Internet.
A Thing Of Beauty" is for bloggers who not only have great projects, but their blogs are beautiful too. If you are one of the lucky recipients of this award (and there are many of you already!), would you please remember to make a link from the award on your site BACK to Gracenotes for Today. Thank you so much, and congrats again!

In looking around blogland and seeing some lovely sites, I realize that certain kinds of style catch my eye. I decided to create an award for the special sites which, in my opinion, have it ALL together. Not only are their projects great, but the blog owner has taken the time to make sure the overall blog design is good. This includes spelling, layout, color scheme, titling and pictures.I will be on the lookout for more award recipients in the future. If your blog (or someone else's) is excellent, please let me know.  I will also be creating more awards, specific to certain kinds of achievements. I'd love to hear from you. Brag a little about your blog, or congratulate someone's blog that's deserving of an award!

"A Thing of Beauty" Rules of Acceptance

  1. Right-click on the award and save it to your desktop for use when you add it to your blog.
  2. Choose three (3) worthy recipients and list them. Next to their blog name, give ONE reason why you think their blog is special. What catches your eye about them? What do you love?
  3. When you place the award badge on your site (usually in a sidebar), be sure to link it back to http://gracenotes4today.blogspot.com.

    I have kept the requirements few and simple so that people will not feel it is a chore to accept the award. It is meant to be fun and encouraging! But since there are only three recipients each time, select them thoughtfully and carefully.

    Simply Ingenious

    Simply Ingenious! blog award by Grace Baxter
    I created the "Simply Ingenious" award especially for those bloggers who have crafted something extremely clever. This award is less visible in 'blogland' because of its rare nature. The recipients must show artistic skill and creativity in making something unique, unusual, new and different. They are the originators of a fantastic idea!

    I designed this award especially for those people who, through their own creative genious, have come up with something new and unique. It may be that they've found a new way to combine Cricut cuts. Or perhaps they've developed their own texture using unexpected combinations of materials. 

    You know who I'm talking about. These are the people we love to check in on from time to time because they are likely to have come up with an amazing idea. Also, they deserve an award for their willingness to simply share their ideas. Let's remember to give credit where credit is due. This award is MY way of doing just that. Congratulations to each of these deserving recipients and those to follow!

    Simply Ingenious! Rules for Acceptance: 

    This award is given for a particular project demonstrating an ingenious idea or method of construction.  The idea must be original and not "scrap lifted" or "borrowed" or "tweeked" from another designer.

    As part of the acceptance, please copy the award to your blog, and also add it to your sidebar as a link back to gracenotes4today.blogspot.com. I enjoy keeping track of the recipients and giving them my own congratulations, too!

    Because ORIGINAL ideas are harder to find, I ask that you carefully choose the recipients for this award. You may select UP TO FIVE (1-5) in order to keep the award special and not be burdensome for the recipients to accept (in terms of them having to pass it on to others). 

    When listing your recipients, provide their name/s, blog title as a link, and their special project name with a direct link to that project. This is what makes the award special. The links will be found by thousands through Google searches, thus directing new visitors to their sites. Exciting stuff!

    Congratulations to all the talented recipients of these awards!

    Note to all visitors: Whenever you encounter one of these awards on sites you visit, please take a moment to congratulate them. It encourages people so much to know their work is appreciated. Thank you!


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