November 10, 2018

Piano Gatefold Birthday Card

100th Birthday Celebration

When a musician reaches the milestone of her 100th birthday, there are so many reasons to celebrate her life! The people she has INSPIRED over the years, the legacy of music she leaves for everyone who knew her and the sheer joy of making music. 

piano gatefold 100th. birthday card, by Grace Baxter

About the Card

This gatefold card is 5-1/2" square. The base is 100 lb smooth white CS overlaid with black and pink mats. Rather than using a typical sentiment such as "Happy Birthday" I opted for a word that described the recipient and her music -- Inspirational.

The obvious focal point is the grand piano, cut in 2 layers (black and pink) with an insert of white for the piano keys. Its fancy matting shape in both sparkly silver and white makes the piano jump out even more. The embossing, of course, needed to be music notation.

piano gatefold birthday card, embossed right panel. By Grace Baxter


The poem I used is perfect for a centenarian. And as I designed the card, I enjoyed reminiscing on wonderful memories. My recipient was the musician who played at my wedding, many years ago. So this is my 'thank-you' of appreciation.

Grand piano birthday gatefold card front, designed by Grace Baxter

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November 1, 2018

Sister's Cup of Tea Birthday Card

Celebrate -- Sister's Birthday Card

My number ONE rule of card design and knowing what to create is this: DESIGN FOR THE RECIPIENT. Always! It sounds simple enough, and at times when you don't know the recipient very well, one might resort to a general design that would suit almost anyone.

Sister Teacup Birthday Card

The thing that makes people truly enjoy a handmade card (besides the effort we put into creating them) is the thoughtfulness in matching its design with their personal interests. No cookie cutter cards from me! (One exception may be for Christmas tags/cards.)

So using my long-standing #1 rule, I came up with the idea of a fancy teacup for this birthday card. Chatting over a cup of tea is something the women in my family have always enjoyed. There is something soothing about it.

Sister Teacup Birthday Card, Inside

Design 'Must-have's for This Recipient

  • Elegance
  • Pretty colour scheme
  • Traditional style - florals, lace
  • Uncluttered layers
  • Poem/verse inside that is PERSONAL

Size:  4-1/2" x 6-1/4" portrait orientation
Matting: swirl vellum (adds softness without adding weight or hiding background)
Teacup: cut from Rose Quartz cardstock stack

Cartridges Used

A Child's Year - teacup layers
Heritage - 'Sister'
Paper Lace - 'Celebrate'
Love You a Latte - teabag
When I Was a Kid - label with lace ends

October 31, 2018

Flamingo Feminine B-day Card

A Flurry of Fun!

Flamingos are everywhere these days -- in bedding, home décor, garden art, t-shirts and more. My recipient has enjoyed adding flamingos to her home décor and wardrobe, so it was the perfect theme for her birthday card!

Flamingo Birthday Card Front

The TOP-folding style adds to the idea of 
height for this theme.

Flamingos in a Flurry across the top further reiterates the theme.  By the way, 'Flurry' is another name for a colony of flamingos. Now you know!

For interest, I split the card and joined the two sections with silver-striped VELLUM. I love the frosty see-through look. (See photo of inside)

'YOU-nique' is cut twice and stacked. Also, my cardstock is heavy -- 100 lb so it makes titles chunky. Love that look!

Flamingo Birthday Card Inside

Photo at left illustrates the vellum strip with the sentiment showing through, which is blue.

This is because in Design Space I welded the word to the card base so it would cut as one entire piece.

The name Julia is stacked 3 times: once in blue, twice in white. Super chunky!

The star of the show is this large flamingo. To give him some substance, I cut a duplicate from foam and adhered the 2 pieces together.

Flamingo Trivia

To add to the fun of the flamingo card, I enclosed an extensive fact list about these amazing birds (though, they are not known for their flying ability). It's always fun to do a bit of research and I learned a lot about my subject! The trivia facts produced several, "I did not know that!" comments.

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