August 20, 2009

Thanks A Bunch, card

This little card was a lot of fun to make. I used an 8-1/2x11 piece of paper that has an earthy look. I cut the paper in half lengthwise, then used one piece folded in half as the card base. It's the perfect size for a thank-you card and fits the standard note-sized envelopes I purchased from Staples. All of the elements on the card were created using my Cricut and the Walk In My Garden cartridge.

I love the idea of my wheelbarrow being full of flowers. Instead of cutting flower centres from yellow cardstock, I decided to use yellow sparkle pen instead. It was less fiddly and added some shimmer.

I always like to decorate the envelopes to match my cards. On this one, I used the Cricut's border feature set at size 1 for the 3-flower embellishment. Leaves were cut from green at the same size and tucked under the flowers. Once again, I typed the sentiment inside on my computer. This card is very informal, but I like the imagery of the "seeds" having been sewn, and the wheelbarrow-full harvest of blessing inside.

1 comment:

  1. This one is a favorite - so cute. I love the little garden stake. Cute - very cute.


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