September 23, 2009

Dimensional Flower Birthday Card

dimensional flower b-day card, designed by Grace Baxter

This card has many layers. The flower petals are created with 2 different kinds of paper. The top flower petals are from a pink paper that has a pearly finish.

The bottom petals are heavier stock with inked edges for further dimension.

I used double-sided cardstock that has a pretty stripe pattern on the reverse side. I then created top and bottom panels for the inside, matted and layered the poem message and embellished the inside with small flowers (not shown).

I browsed through several stores to find just the right 'jewelry' for the front of this card. I wanted something feminine. One big pearl was perfect for the center of the flower.


  1. What cartridge did you use to make the flower and leaves. Love this card - simple yet very beautiful!


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