November 9, 2009

Scooting Around Town Card

Here it is. My version of the cute girl on the scooter (with help from my Cricut and the Sweethearts cartridge).

Warning: This card is not a project for the faint of heart. It takes extreme patience and care in lining up the tiny pieces and layers, just right.

What kept me going on this was thinking about my daughter Julia, who looks just like the girl on the scooter. I envisioned her scooting around town, stopping at her favourite fruit and flower market on Bloor Street and choosing a bundle of daisies... just because.

The shoes and purses also remind me of Julia and I imagined her slowing down to take a peek in the windows of shoe stores along the way (something she would typically do). So, in celebration of your life and to brag on you a little bit, Happy Birthday, Jewel! This one's for you.

The overall card size is 5x7". What makes this card effective is the use of shiny, iridescent papers combined with matte stock.


  1. Thanks Mom! I LOVE this card, and totally appreciate the painstaking effort required to complete all those little details.

    Perhaps I do appreciate this card all the more, because the girl DOES look like me! And I imagine myself running those fun and self-indulgent errands on an eco-friendly raspberry-coloured scooter :)

    Thanks Mom! Obviously, this card is my favourite you've done thus far.
    Love Jewel


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