February 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!

My sweet little grandson turned 1 year old, just before Valentine's Day. And although he didn't know the difference, I wanted to make a special card for him that would be a keepsake. Can you tell that I'm just a tad sentimental? (Some would say "mental" but that's another story.)

It took me awhile to figure out a style. Should I go babyish? Or maybe more kiddish. I went with the soft hues of blue, white and yellow. The blue is a medium shade.

The card is 5.5 x 4.25 inches, or the typical A2 size.I bought some beautiful shimmery and sheer ribbon, 1-1/2" wide.

Front:  The card base is blue. I embossed the baby quilt design and added stars in 2 different sizes. Each star has a dab of glitter paint in the middle for some sparkle. The finished "quilt" is layered onto pale yellow, and tiny heart brads secure the corners. At this stage I added the wide blue ribbon and adhered it to the back. The combined yellow/white panel was then glued to the blue card front.

Front Sentiment:
I created this "seal" style sentiment on the computer in PhotoShop. This took far too long, but then, this IS my FIRST grandchild's birthday card! It was a labour of love. To complete the seal, I cut out the printed circle and layered it over a yellow scalloped circle, then that whole thing was adhered to a blue scalloped circle using pop dots. I also tucked in some white ribbon underneath.

I have a ton of beautiful baby papers, all purchased for the purpose of making a baby album. I HAVE started the album, but cardmaking usually gets in the way of doing my scrapbooking. So back to the card.

The inside needed some life. I decided to use a babyish animal print and secured it only on the bottom panel. Besides, the party's theme was "Zoo Animals" so this paper worked well. On top of that I centered the poem which was created on my computer. A couple of sparkly stars finished the inside.

I think it's precious, don't you? I hope this card will bring a smile to little Daniel's face when he is old enough to understand what it means.


  1. What a lucky grandson!!! Make sure to put it in his scrapbook so he'll appreciate when he's older! :)


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