June 14, 2010


Sometimes words are not enough. And in writing today's blog, I am having trouble finding the words to describe how this card came about. It is what we would normally call a "sympathy" card. And yet, although tremendous sadness and loss are very real to my dear friend and her family, I know that for them ... they will one day be rejoined with their loved one in celebration and joy.

As I was looking over my card making materials and trying to think of what I could possibly offer as a condolence, my eyes fell upon the word "Forever".  I immediately thought about this family and the grief they must be feeling. Then I thought about love and how it truly does remain forever. We never forget those whom we love. Never. And because we are made in the image of God, He has made us to live forever. Oh, not here... but in a better place that He has prepared for us.

While constructing this card, I wondered what I would write inside. I even went shopping to see if anyone has written just the right sentiment to convey. Though some were nice, they did not tell the right story. I wanted to remind my friend that this is NOT the end. She WILL see her much-loved family member, and what a reunion day that will be!

God gave me the words for the poem, Forever.  At first, I wasn't going to share the poem. I have since used it in another sympathy card, customizing it for that recipient. You can read the poem HERE in the other posting.

This card was made and sent with a prayer that God will wrap his arms of love around each family member who is hurting, and comfort them with His love.

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