July 27, 2010

29th Birthday Card

This card was done as a tri-fold but really, it should be called a tri-panel. Either way, I like it.

The card base is plain white, over which I glued pieces cut from a beautiful rainbow-with-silver stock, and a finer embossed aqua paper.

The finished size of the card is 4-1/4 x 5 inches, just a little smaller than an A2 size. I used the following cartridges: Fabulous Finds, Sweethearts and Stretch Your Imagination.

I was excited to finally have a good use for the Fabulous Finds cart. It's one of those things that you're glad you have when you need it. For the tag on the front, I cut a paper-clip frame from FF then ended up trimming off the paper-clip part. The actual wording was done on the computer.

The charming little luggage-tag flower dangles from a grosgrain ribbon

The centre panel is lined with the same aqua paper. The side panels looked a little bare but I didn't want them covered with a busy print. The answer? One happy little flower in a pot, and a reflection of the same flower on the opposite panel. The adorable flower pot frames are from Stretch Your Imagination.

Tips and Techniques 
  1. Adorable frames can be cut from Stretch Your Imagination.
  2. It IS possible to print from your computer directly onto a cut shaped frame. Just takes time. (I'd be happy to give details to anyone who wants to know how.)
  3. Don't bother fussing with Design Studio unless you are actually going to weld things together.
  4. When the paper is beautiful, don't over-embellish.
  5. If using thinner paper on top of cardstock, do not use a wet glue. (The girl at Michael's was wrong about Scotch glue being good for this.) Sadly, I had to throw out an entire card because it went soggy, then dried wrinkly. Lesson learned.
This pic shows the silver on the card better.

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  1. You are very gifted. God has blessed you with alot of creativity and the ability to write your own verses.


    My new blog: craftsandthoughts.blogspot.com
    I'm still working on it.


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