September 17, 2010


Fountain of Sparkle

My daughter Julia got married a week ago and as you can imagine, there was much activity going on in preparation for that day. The wedding was gorgeous. The Bride was strikingly beautiful and the whole event was spectacular.

The wedding colours were black, white and teal-turquoise. Julia had asked me to make the box for wedding cards and said I could do ANYTHING I wanted with it. That put me into a quandary as there are endless possibilities.

Wedding Card Box in black, white and teal with a fountain of crystals. Designed by Grace Baxter.
Photograph by Renaissance Studios, Toronto, Ontario

Wedding Card Box; black and white with teal-aqua embellishment and a fountain of crystals. Designed by Grace Baxter.

After a very bad false start and wasted money on a box that didn't work, I decided to make the box from a large round hat box. It was already covered in vinyl black and white, with the inside plain black. Perfect.

The making of a Wedding Card Box in black and white with large aqua floral center. Top view. Designed by Grace Baxter.
It took two of us to cut the slot on the side. I held the box steady while Julia carefully moved the skill saw around the curved surface. It was tricky.

I knew I wanted to finish the cut edge to make it look like a big button hole. After playing around with duct tape and hockey tape, the winner was electrical tape. We loved the shiny finish, and it was pliable as well as repositionable on our box.

Fountain of Sparkle, wedding card box. Design by Grace Baxter

While shopping for all the components, I knew I didn't want the card box to look anything like a gift because it would be sitting on the gift table. So no bows. Flowers? Too busy. But I DO love a flowery touch. So I imagined a raised ball of some kind with flower petals covering it and dripping over the edge of the box lid.  Hmmm, I also wanted some crystal or sparkle. What I was going for was DIMENSION!

We arranged the petals and twisted some up and some down, pinning them to the foam ball. When it was completely covered, it looked like a beautiful hydrangea-type flower. The rest was easy. We placed the stem of crystals in the center and arranged the branches to look like a fountain.

List of Materials and Tools Used
1 large round hat box, covered in black and white vinyl
1 box of aqua rose petals, solid and sheer
1 5-in florist's foam sphere (cut in half)
1 stem of crystals
1 sheet black card stock 12x12
glass round jewels, flat on one side
strong glue
electrical tape
skill saw
Cricut and cartridges Alphalicious and Accent Essentials

The Making of a Wedding Card Box; black and white with aqua/teal topper and crystal fountain. After several tries, THIS was the winner! Designed by Grace Baxter.

We cut a black scalloped "doily" at size 10 on the Cricut, and added the glass jewels to the scallops (see pic at left).

Wedding Card Box, black and white with teal and crystal topper. Designed by Grace Baxter.

The letters spelling "CARDS" were cut at size 2 from teal stock, shadowed in white. My favourite font, Alphalicious was used for this. We made 2 sets, one for each side of the envelope slot.

Wedding Card Box, black and white with aqua'teal embellishments and a fountain of crystals. Designed by Grace Baxter. The picture at right shows the lettering on the card box.

Voila! My vision turned out better than I expected! Weeks of research (dare I say months?), buying way too much stuff and trying various techniques were just steps to get me to the final product.

Would I ever make another one? ABSOLUTELY! The hard part has been all figured out.

August 2017 update:

My finished wedding card box has been viewed and downloaded hundreds of times.
Thank-you to those of you who have expressed your appreciation!


  1. Well done! Looks like a beautiful wedding - won't you post more pics? ;)

  2. Ohhh WOW! This is sooo GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Love your testimony! Have a blessed day!

  3. Had I known we'd make the blog, I'd have dressed up a little cuter! I LOOOVE this box, Mom!

    We should have used stronger adhesive to keep the cut doily affixed to the slightly slipper vinyl box covering. But the weight of the "topper" kept it in place while stationary.

    Everyone knew exactly where to place their greeting cards, even though this creation blended in with our decor so well.

    Thanks Mom - Now I have to find a new use for it :)
    Love Jewel


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