February 11, 2011

Valentine Dude... (A Guy Card)

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find a good Valentine for a guy? They are either too mushy, too sappy, or just plain corny. I am excited to share something that will work for guys of any age.

I started with cream coloured cardstock cut to make a 5x7 card.

The trickiest part of this whole thing was placement of the text. Many plain-paper trials were printed before getting it just right.

The pics at left show the layout for text prepared on the computer. Of course, a new page size had to be created and the printer guides adjusted to fit the card size. If you have questions on this, I can give you more info.

The right font is crucial in setting the mood or tone. It has to be fun but not too juvenile.

To make the sea water, I sponged 2 shades of blue in roughly a circular area using a dauber and overlapping the shading.

Fish and Seaweed
The school of fish were cut from aqua pearlized printed CS using Life Is A Beach with the Border feature. Then I added a few fish using cream CS of the same type, and spaced them out. I cut seaweed in three sizes and placed them behind and through the fish to make it more lifelike.

NOW I was really getting excited! My vision was coming together... such fun! INSIDE, there's a punch line.

I cut the fish bowl from pearlized aqua CS. The bowl and fish cut altogether so I cut another fish out of an orangey-red. This one is the "keeper" and he had to be cute. His fins are a bright amber with orange glitter painted accents. Before adding the fish to the bowl I sponged water in the bowl. And there you have it! Isn't he cute?!

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  1. I love the different fishes on this one! The design of this card is great. I never have the patience to work it out just right with the printer. You did a beautiful job!


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