February 10, 2012

A Poem of True Love

A Rose Is Still A Rose

by Grace M. Baxter
copyright April 2000

If a friend is just a friend when I'm happy and carefree,
Is that person just as caring when life's hurts poke at me?

Is a promise still a promise even though it's broken now?
At the time that it was given it was such a sacred vow.

Should I say, "It doesn't matter" and erase it from my mind,
As though it were a dream that I can block out, anytime?

Is a lifetime just too long for love to stand up to the test,
Rich or poor, sick or well, forsaking all the rest?
The rose's beauty can be seen in each and every phase,
A leaf, a bud, a tight-closed bloom holds pleasure for my gaze.

You see, the secret is in knowing that within that thorny stem,
A glorious flower waits its time to thrill me once again.

It doesn't think of dying for it's nature isn't so,
It can't become a weed for there is just one way to grow.

As petals fade and slowly drop, the miracle remains,
Another bud now bursting forth has life within its veins.
I find it hard to comprehend why humans aren't as smart,
Why can't we be what we should be... good and pure in heart?

Our word should be as gold and a promise, never die;
The commitment to be faithful should not turn into a lie.

There may be times of failure and struggles to endure,
For nothing good comes easily, of that we can be sure.

But what rewards lie waiting for the ever-faithful one,
Abiding love that sees us through 'til all our days are done.
Note from the Author:
I wrote this poem in April of 2000, at a time when my world was falling apart. And while I was wallowing in self pity, my attention was drawn to the beautiful pink roses that were growing in my garden. I thought about how, through all kinds of difficulty, their true inner beauty never dies. Season after season, year after year, they never ceased to be the best they could be, and they never let me down. In every phase of growth, they continued to grow and change, yet always remained beautiful. I couldn't help making the comparison between true love and those roses. What happens to a person when they (suddenly) give up on love? The constant display the roses made never ceased to amaze and thrill me. They stood as a reminder that, yes... there IS love that never ends. To have found it in a life's partner is a wonderful blessing. Yet, we can all let this one thought sink in:

There IS someone who loves us unconditionally. He knows everything about us and loves us anyway. I thank God for roses. But mostly, I thank Him for His never-ending love for me.
~ Grace

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  1. All the more beautiful because every word is totally true. Thank you for sharing. :)


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