April 6, 2012

He Is Risen

The Old Rugged Cross

Here is the one and only Easter card I made this year. Today is Good Friday. Sadly, it seems most people have forgotten the significance of this day. All the stores and services are open (in Michigan) and life is going on as if Good Friday were just another day.

For the past several weeks, I've been thinking a lot about Easter cards. And although I have not had time to make more, I wanted to post this particular card. The cross stands for many things -- salvation most of all but also freedom and hope. I have not made any bunny cards, Easter baskets or coloured eggs (although I don't deny that those are fun). Unfortunately, my computer hard drive crashed and I have lost all my card designs, sizing layouts and verses.

Card Details
Card base is 5-1/2 x 5-1/2" cardstock.

The Cross
I created the cross on my Gypsy using the "George" cartridge. The cross is shadowed in dark brown with black added in some areas of the shadow. I also added the "nail holes". I positioned the cross laying on its side as a reminder that the cross no longer stands.

The title "He Is Risen" is what it's all about, so I made the letters quite large.
The font used is from Winter Frolic. The frame is from Gypsy Wanderings.

I would like to wish you all a blessed and wonderful Easter.


  1. Beautiful card!! It is sad that the truth of Easter is lost for so many! I'm so thankful for the nails that He took in my place!!!
    Have a Blessed Easter!!

  2. He is risen indeed! Beautiful work. <><

  3. That is such a lovely Easter card. Thank you so much for posting it.

  4. Very nice card. Love the way you did the cross, and thanks for the details on how to make it.


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