June 7, 2012

A Pot of Pansies

Pansies are my favourite spring flower. I love how their little faces seem to be smiling at me.

This 'thank-you' card would be perfect for someone who has been especially kind to you. Have they brought you a plate of cookies at a time when you most needed a kind gesture? Whatever the reason or the kindness shown, this pot of pansies expresses your appreciation perfectly.

The pot is from Walk In My Garden. I inked the pot's edges and popped the rim layer with dimensionals. I prepared the sentiment on my computer, printing it in green and punched the top edge to be my fence.

I was excited to find a package of these sparkly pansy stickers. So far, I have not found a cartridge that has the pansy on it or the right kind of petals for me to make my own. The search continues.

Update:  At the time of writing, Cricut did not have a cartridge with pansies on it. Later, they did come out with several flower carts and pansies are available.


  1. Grace - this card is just so beautiful - what an inspiration.. I love that you typed up the sentiment - I should do that more often. Just for your info the Art Nouveau cart has a pansy and its great. You could glam it up in some way.

  2. I love it Grace, going to follow your blog.


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