July 23, 2013

Baby's Door Hanger

Double-sided Baby Door Hanger, created by Grace Baxter. Be sure to see the coordinating baby gift bag.

Double-sided Baby Door Hanger

Every baby nursery needs a door hanger to give the "Shhh" warning, letting visitors know that baby is sleeping.

I've made mine double sided, with the opposite side showing a baby, up and ready to play!

I also made 2 diapers as options (to cover baby's bottom, if modesty is an issue). Each one has a glue dot on the back, for convenience. But judging by the smiles I saw as this wee gift was passed around at the shower, I doubt the diapers will get used.

Aqua Side

Overall length is about 11 inches.

Hanger is cut from 2 layers of white cardstock. Each layer is decorated in its own colour scheme. I did this on purpose, so that it will go with whatever shade of blue they decide to paint the baby's room.

As it turns out, they have now painted it aqua. Perfect!

The "Awake" side features baby crawling on his quilt. He's up and ready to play.

Shhh, Baby's Sleeping - Blue Side

This side features the signage, "Shhh, Baby Sleeping" I created this on the computer using a special font.

Cartridges Used

New Arrival - Baby
Christmas Solutions - Teddy bear
Elegant Edges - Scalloped circles

The baby door hanger was made to match the shower card; the teddy bear is on both pieces and coordinating papers are used. See the next posting for details about the card. 
Welcome, Little One - Card Details HERE

July 20, 2013

Welcome, Little One

Baby Shower Card

My niece is expecting her first child... a baby boy, and so many things come to mind when thinking of little boys. I needed a baby shower card, and as usual, looked through my cartridges for inspiration. While browsing through some ideas online, I came up with a picture of what the baby's room might look like.

Card size is 5" x 7". I love aqua and brown together, and with the addition of pale yellow, it makes a beautiful colour scheme for a baby boy.

The cardstock is aqua on one side and pale yellow on the other. Perfect for what I had in mind.

Crib and Accessories

The crib takes centre stage, cut at 4.25 high. For the mattress, I cut a strip 4.37 and glued it to the back of the crib.

The teddy bear is cut from embossed paper at 2.25 high.
The baby quilt is a cut that I had laying around for a long time. It's from Gypsy Wanderings. Sorry, I didn't measure it. 


I cut the overalls from denim paper. All the while, I was smiling to myself and thinking, "These will be the baby's very first pair of jeans"! 

I had to modify the overall cut by making my own pocket for the bib, and cuffs (rolled up, of course). The hanger is 1.48h.


As usual, I made the sentiment on the computer and printed it on a strip of coordinating paper that became the floor of the nursery.


The top panel of the inside is decorated to match the front, using the same animal print.

The sentiment inside is one that I made on the Gypsy:

"Welcome" is from Straight from the Nest.
"Baby" is from "A Child's Year".

I mounted the prepared verse on white cardstock and matted it with the same brown embossed paper used in the matting on the front.

Cartridges Used

Everyday Paper Dolls ~ crib, overalls
Christmas Solutions ~ teddy bear
A Child's Year ~ hanger, "baby"
Straight from the Nest ~ welcome
Gypsy Wanderings ~ quilt

July 15, 2013


A Step Card of Fun

Brother and Sister at the Beach birthday card

I've always thought that anyone having a birthday in summer is doubly blessed. My daughter, now all grown up, is a July baby. I created this card for her and it tells a story that is typical of a day at the beach for our family.

Design Details

The finished card is an A6 and the cardstock size I started with is 6"x9". There are tutorials online that show you how to make the step card. If you can't find one, leave me a comment and I will send you my file on how to cut the step card.

Birthday girl in her swimsuit with her inner tube. All set for fun at the beach.
The fun part, of course, is the decorating. For this scene, all I had to do was remember my children playing on the beach, and then find the corresponding characters and features to make them come to life! 

The main character is the birthday girl. With her big ponytail and tube over her arm, she's all set for a day of splashing in the water. For her bathing suit, I used plain white CS and ran it through the Cuttlebug to give it the swiss dot texture. Then I carefully touched each dot with the tip of a green ProMarker.

The fair-haired boy is her brother, the little guy who loved building sandy road systems and bridges, digging close enough to the water for it to flow into his trenches. There is more to the story, but back to the card...


I love using papers that are realistic. For the backgrounds on this card, I used papers that are actual photographs of sand and water.


I don't use a lot of stamps in my cardmaking. For the 'Happy Birthday', I typed it on the computer and printed the words directly onto a strip of the sand paper. This way, the background is transparent and blends into the card. Also, fonts and colour possibilities are endless when you make your own sentiments.

Beach Buddies birthday card, birthday girl and big brother all set for a fun day at the beach.

Cartridges Used

Everyday Paper Dolls ~ kids, hair, swim suits, chair, umbrella, tube, boat
Life Is A Beach ~ surfboard, pail and shovel
Going Places ~ skier

To me, hand-made cards should be meaningful and lasting. Becky loved this year's birthday card and I know it will be at home in a treasure trove with all the other cards I have made, just for her.

July 11, 2013

Case for CD Rack

Video on How to Make a Travel Case for a CD Rack. Lots of pics and video tutorial. Project designed by Grace Baxter.

A Pictorial Tutorial 

(Don't worry, I optimized the pics for easy downloading)

VIDEO:  How to Make a Travel CD Rack CASE

For months I had been searching for a travel case to hold a 3-tier CD rack. The rack displays CDs on the product table when we go to singing engagements. Yes, there is a hard and heavy case available but it's very expensive and takes up a lot of room in the already-cram-packed van. Solution? Make it myself.

I started by taking careful measurements. This is when I learned that exact measurements are not always final, but more of a starting point. I made adjustments in the seam allowances and even trimmed pieces down when necessary. The rack was a tricky thing to fit because of the open corners.

The following pictures will do most of the explaining.

Musicians Dream Case for CD Rack, 3 expandable pockets on front hold biz cards and pens. One large pocket on back holds folded tablecloth for product table.

With no pattern available, I had to make my own. Rack is 18" x 19" x 5" (approx.)

The fabric is a heavy-weight twill. Lining is a cotton print with colorful notes scattered all over. I used iron-on pellon to give the case body. This stuff was a nightmare to apply. The adhesive is not very good, despite following directions. It took lots of steam, a wet pressing cloth, and pressure to make it adhere. Even then, I ended up stitching within the seam allowances where the pellon was falling away from the fabric.


How to make a Case for CD Rack. Pocket layout and markings.

Trim ~ First I cut a length of lining print fabric, 2" wide. I stitched this to the pocket top edge at 1/2" and pressed under a half-inch along the top edge. I  folded the trim over the pocket and top stitched. 

Gussets ~ On my hand-made tissue pattern piece, I drew out solid lines for stitch lines, and dashed lines for folds to create the gussets for each pocket. This part was fiddly. Using chalk, I transferred the lines to the fabric and pressed under the pockets' side and bottom seam allowances.

How to make a CD Rack Case. Details of front panel with gusseted pockets.

I pinned the pockets to the front, leaving 3/4" space on each side to allow for side seams. Then I stitched down the pockets along my chalked solid lines. Making the gussets was easy. I brought the dashed lines to meet the stitched lines and pinned them down. Then I stitched across the bottom to secure the folds, and up the pocket sides. Voila!

The large back pocket was a piece of cake after this. The back pocket will hold our tablecloth so it only needs 2 small pleats, and a long piece of velcro to keep it snug to the body.
CD Rack Case, how to construct back pocket.

Constructing the Body

With the pellon applied, the pieces became thick to sew through. Good thing I was using a heavy-weight thread and a new, sharp needle!

How to make a CD Rack Case. Video tutorial with step-by-step help.

I pinned all pieces together and adjusted seams for the best fit around the rack, trimming the side pieces down a half-inch. Once satisfied with the pinned fit, I stitched all the seams.


To make the bottom weather and scuff resistant, I applied Heat 'N Bond. It gave the bottom a nice smooth finish.
CD Rack Case with pictures at every step of construction.


Steps for making a CD Rack Case, lined with sewn-in gusset pockets.

The lining was cut the same size as the case body. I changed my thread to a regular weight thread in both needle and bobbin for the lining. All seams were pressed open and corners clipped and trimmed before turning lining right-side-out.

How to make a Case for CD rack. Video, pics and full instructions.

After inserting the lining, I noticed the lining needed to be secured to the bottom. Sorry I don't have a pic of this. I folded down the case to about half its height so I could reach in and see to the bottom, and used a needle and strong thread to tack the seam allowance of the lining to the case's seam allowances. I did this in all corners and about half-way up the side seams. This step was necessary and held everything together nicely. Now, the lining will not move around when the rack is pulled out later.

I had just enough lining over the top edge to do a narrow doubled-over hem. SO glad about that.

How to make a lined case for CD Rack. Full instructions with video.Next came the top. The top was sized to be extra wide, allowing for the lip on the front and a substantial strip across the back. 
The back of the top is stitched down strongly with two rows of stitching.

This top view gives you a peek inside the case.
Case for CD Rack. How-to-make instructions and video.

Lined case for CD Rack. How-to instructions, video and lots of pics.

There you have it! It's done and ready to go on the road. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.

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