June 19, 2014

Getting Patriotic - It's Time

HELLO! We're Here, Too!

I received an email this morning that prompted me to redesign my blog template to one that is totally patriotic and Canadian. As we all know, the U.S. and Canada each celebrate their days of Independence -- July 1st for Canadians, and July 4th for Americans. Most of us recognize our bordering countries as being good friends. And yet, there are always some who don't GET it!

The email was from a well-known online store that I have always loved. They are having a sale on patriotic Cricut cartridges. I was excited to click the link and see which ones were included in the $19.99 sale price. Strangely, there were only two listed, and those two were both for Americans. But where is the Canadian cartridge called, "Go Canada"?

Here's the big title from that sale announcement:
Declare your Independence with these cartridge deals, $19.99

Pretty exciting, right? No doubt there are many happy crafters who would jump all over that announcement to order their patriotic cartridges. But where is the sale price on the only Canadian-themed Cricut cartridge?

What About Canadian Crafters?

In our somewhat reserved way, we Canadians don't usually kick up a fuss when we are slighted. So with all due respect, I will refrain from any desparaging remarks about business owners who neglect to offer sale pricing to Canadians. I will not name names, but how fair is this treatment of Canadian customers?

It's time to get with the program and recognize Canadians (cross-border shoppers) when planning your advertising campaigns. And seriously, you are missing out on a HUGE market by not catering to or even considering the Canadian customer.

And so, my readers and followers, I'd like to know what stand you would take on the question of whether or not Canadians should receive the same pricing as Americans. Please participate in the poll below. Answers are anonymous.

Update on Poll Results: Unanimous Yes.

Proudly Canadian,



  1. Happy Independence Day, Grace! Hope you had a beautful day.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! All the best to you. Happy 4th!


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