August 14, 2014

Bicycle Built for Two - 5th Anniversary

What a Team!

The young couple celebrating their 5th anniversary enjoy riding their bikes together. Her bike has to be purple as it's her favourite colour! But he would like something sleeker, in silver. 

While designing this card, I was thinking about the two recipients and how they make such a good team in marriage. I hope this card brings a smile to their faces.

5th. Anniversary Card, Front

Black cardstock forms the 5-1/2" square card. I used several layers to create the dimension.

Top and centre is the bicycle built for two, cut from mottled gray. It's shadowed in purple-plum, matted on pure white that's shadowed in the same plum. I added silver sponging to the carrier for some sparkle.

5th. Anniversary Card, Banner

The vertical banner is cut from purple woodgrain paper, shadowed in gray. I created the sentiment on the computer, using fonts that are rather "sportsy". The banner runs the full 5-1/2" height. Little brad hearts and gray baker's twine finish off the banner.

5th. Anniversary Card, inside


I wrote the inspirational quote as a reminder that we all encounter bumps in the road in marriage. And it is SO true that once we get past those difficulties, joy springs up once again. Don't give up.
Let's ride out the bumps and go for the joy!

Anniversary Quote by Grace Baxter

The right-hand Greeting panel mirrors the shape of the left side quote panel. This shape has really grown on me. It is the perfect blend of fancy and clean. And don't you love the cute little heart in the corner?

5th. Anniversary Card, greeting

I used the same mauve vintage dot background as was used on the front. To make the "Happy 5th Anniversary" greeting, I designed the words with my Gypsy using the Quarter Note font. I love this font as it is cursive, yet thick enough to hold together well. 

The smaller bicycle reinforces the theme.

A Word About "Phrases"

For those of us who enjoy creating cards with the Cricut (whichever model), I'm wondering if I am the only person who is disappointed with the various "Happy Anniversary" phrases available on the cartridges. They are kind of cheesy fonts, or mismatched fonts -- and certainly not elegant.

I find a better solution is to create my own sentiment or greeting using a choice font and the Gypsy. It's not always perfect, but certainly better than the alternative.

I'd love to hear from any of you who make your own titles/sentiments this way. What fonts to you find work best? Isn't it fun!

Cartridges Used

Sweethearts - Bicycle
Elegant Edges - Frames on inside
Quarter Note - "Happy 5th Anniversary"

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This one is for a 4th Anniversary.

Grace Notes Logo

August 11, 2014

Paint the Town Red!

City-Country Birthday Card

Paint the Town Red model

For a feminine lady who loves all things girlie.

The card is 4"x6" and sets the scene with a cityscape .
Our model enjoys fixing things up, so "Painting the Town Red" takes on a double meaning for this DIY-er.

Inside Left Panel

Paint the Town Red, model with paint brush

The scene inside is similar to the front but on a smaller scale. On the front, our model is 5" tall. Inside, she is 4" tall. And instead of posing with her lovey silver bag over her arm, our model here is ready to paint something red. For real! 

The following picture illustrates the rest of the story. 

Details about the paint brush are below.

Paint the Town Red, inside verse
The country scene features a lawn chair that is in the throes of being painted. In real life, the recipient has many colourful Muskoka chairs by the lake. I can totally picture her painting one red, then smiling at the idea of relaxing in it later.

Paint the Town Red, full inside spread

Cartridges Used:

Forever Young - model
Going Places - cityscape
Elegant Edges - red sign frame, inside frame for verse
Life Is A Beach - Muskoka chair and paint can
Heritage - lamp post


Paint Brush
Walk In My Garden - handle for paint brush
With my Gypsy, I created a paint brush handle using the tools shape from WIMG. I sized it by dragging it over the model's hand and sizing down until it reached a realistic size (still big enough to know what it is). I cut the rest free-hand. In the end, the handle was too big so I ended up cutting the whole thing down. FYI, the only paint brush available is on the Handy Man cartridge.

The chair is made from white CS with layers (arms, legs) cut from red. For a realistic paint job, I painted half of it with my Pro Markers. The colour was a perfect match!

Paint Pail
I used the sand pail shape from LIAB but made it narrower and trimmed the sides with scissors. Paint drips are painted with Pro Markers.

I tried various grass shapes but decided to make my own, freehand. I wanted the grass to be "grassy" and dimensional. I must admit, I love how the grass worked out!

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