May 7, 2015

Graduation Pop-Up Card

Congrats to a Special Graduate

Graduating from high school is an important milestone in a young person's life. Graduating from high school with Honours is wonderful. And an Honour student who also excels at music... well now THAT is one very special young woman!

When I was asked to make a graduation card for this girl, I needed to ask a few questions. And when I found out how talented and smart she is, I was a little worried that I might not come up with something special enough!

I decided to try making a pop-up card. This is a 6"x6" card when closed, opening to a full 12" inside. After making the gown for the left panel, it seemed to me that the neckline needed a little something. A pearl necklace was the perfect touch for a young woman's graduation.

This is probably the most difficult card I have ever made. For sure it ranks at the top for being time-consuming. But I am more than thrilled with the outcome. Will I make another? Hmmm, possibly... but only for someone very special.

Here's a shot of the card open flat.

I hope Hannah enjoys receiving the card as much as I enjoyed making it for her. She deserves the best.

Cartridges Used

Elegant Edges - frames on the card front
Create a Critter - graduation cap
Quarter Note - Hannah's name, flute and 2015
Everyday Paper Dolls - diploma


  1. What a beautiful card! The pop-up inside is amazing! I'm sure Hannah will treasure it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Grace! This is a fabulous card!!!! It should be mounted in a shadow box with Hannah's tassel and kept forever. Well worth all the thought and care you put into this card. Wow! TFS

  3. Love this. I was too lazy to attempt it for a recent graduation card I made. Maybe next time TFS

  4. This is a beautiful card. Love all the great details and pop-up.

  5. This card is gorgeous! I'm so glad I found your blog. You do amazing card designs and with so much personalized detail! I will be sharing this on my Pinterest board.


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