June 23, 2015

Musician's Party Décor

Musical Centrepieces

It was my pleasure to design and create centrepieces for a very special celebration. This was a combined milestone birthday party honoring an amazing pianist, singer/songwriter. 

I knew I would use the whole music theme, but spent many hours imagining what that would look like. Searching the Internet didn't produce anything wonderful. It needed to be classy and not juvenile.  I chose the colour scheme of black, white and bright green (the guest of honour's favourite colour).

Music Themed Centrepiece, by Grace Baxter

Music Elements

The main element in each centrepiece was the grand piano. Each vase had 2 of every element, adhered back-to-back on their stems. This was double the work but necessary in order for everything to look good, from any seat around the table.

Musical elements for centrepiece, by Grace BaxterElements:

  • sign - one side says "Music Lover", other side says "Solo" with microphone
  • grand piano with swoosh
  • half note
  • 8th note
  • 16th note
  • treble clef
Music Lover centerpiece signs, by Grace Baxter
Music Lover sign, embossed with music

Grand pianos and signs, by Grace Baxter

Grand Piano Pick for Centrepiece, by Grace BaxterI sized the pianos so that the outer legs would be the exact size for fitting into the glasses. The photo shows how it fits perfectly. I also positioned it low to allow for the sign to sit above the piano.

The sticks are 12" long.

Finishing Touches

I added fresh carnations to the arrangement; 3 for each glass. Each bloom was in its own little tube of water. They lasted more than a week!

Each glass wears a band of green with a music ribbon over top.

Music lover sign, by Grace Baxter

There is much more I could say about the centrepieces but I think the pictures are self-explanatory.

Video Clip:

Banner, Balloons, Card Box and Cake Table

The video clip shows the rest of the décor items: Birthday banner, bunches of balloons, long playing records on the glass under the banner, and the cake table with decorated card box.

I made a full-sized piano keyboard for the banner. Yes, it actually has 88 keys and they are the exact size of real keys on a piano! (My OCD for details was kicking in when I made this.)

piano keyboard birthday banner, by Grace Baxter

Since the venue had a lovely curved window, it was the perfect spot to set up the cake table.

One more thing... each centrepiece has an LP record underneath the glass. The records are decorated to hide the original label on one side. By the way, what makes the records special is that they were actual recordings made by the guest of honour, many years ago.

Music Lover Centrepiece by Grace Baxter

This project took quite awhile to put together, but judging by all the comments from guests and the birthday guy, it was well worth the effort!


  1. You put so much thought into the decor, Grace, and the results are just beautiful. Wow! TFS

  2. Amazing work here, Grace. I'm a bit behind in blog-hopping so I hope you see this.


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