December 6, 2015

Happy Bruce Day

Making it Personal

I designed this card for my son-in-law who didn't mind that it was a few days late. When I apologized for the card coming late, he said, "Every day is Bruce Day!" 

That thought was the inspiration for the entire card. The poem inside, written just for him, reiterates the theme.

I love the combination of the pinstripe cardstock with the image of the gentleman leaning against a lamppost. It's classy and sophisticated; a refreshing change from the usual sports-themed imagery we usually find in men's cards. And what woman doesn't love a man in a suit!

Happy Bruce Day, masculine b-day card by Grace Baxter
Happy Bruce Day, Card Front


Bruce Day poem by Grace Baxter, ©copyright 2015
Inside Card Poem, "Bruce Day"
©Grace Baxter 2015

1 comment:

  1. What a great masculine card, Grace. TFS. Yes, a man in a suit is very attractive.


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