April 22, 2016

Let Your Light Shine

Throw-Back Thursday

I originally created this card in 2009 and just came across it again today... waaayyyy down in the list of cards. I think it needs to be shared again.

The Lighthouse

There is something about a lighthouse that is welcoming, yet by itself it seems forlorn. My card post will give you all the details on how I made it. More importantly, though, it gives you my reasons for making the card and exactly what the Lighthouse means.

Following are some pics from the original post. Click any pic to see it bigger.

I invite you to enjoy the whole blog post from October 19, 2009.

Let Your Light Shine

By the way, I still have this card in my possession... waiting to give it to someone special for a particular occasion or reason. Have you ever made something and then had a hard time giving it away? This card speaks to me in so many ways, I may have to keep it forever as a reminder of God's love and grace towards me.

Do any of you remember a little song called "This Little Light of Mine"? We sang it all the time in Sunday School, years ago. Join me in letting your light shine... for Him!

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  1. I love everything about this card! Yes, I remember that song very well!


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