August 31, 2016


40th Birthday card, by Grace Baxter

40th. Birthday Card

A card celebrating a 40th birthday needs to be something unique. I created this one to please a vintage-loving, VW enthusiast and "car guy".

Vintage VW

My recipient owns a 1954 VW Beetle and loves all things Volkswagen. After researching every VW site online, I could not find anything that would work as a focal point.

The solution? MAKE MY OWN! I came across a gift bag that had VW bugs all over it in various colours. I bought the bag which became the gift bag for a sign I made. (See that post HERE).

I scanned the car that had the best angle. In PhotoShop, I flipped it and cleaned up the image. Then I imported my image into Cricut Design Space where I printed and cut it out.

The sizing (which was tricky to figure out) was perfect for my card front! I was pretty excited about the way it turned out -- all old and vintage looking. PLUS, the card now perfectly tied in with the gift bag!

Vintage VWfor 40th Bday Card, by Grace Baxter

Maximum 40

In thinking about the number 40, I decided to make a sign for the card's front. The play on words is fun but also true! I created the sign in PhotoShop.


A poem written especially for the recipient is hidden until the card is opened up wide.

VW Bug Shutter Card, designed by Grace Baxter

VW Bug Shutter Card, open wide. By Grace Baxter

See the VW Sign I made for the birthday
gift that goes with this card!

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  1. Grace, I just love this card cut and what you created using it. Such a great card. TFS.


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