June 29, 2017

Lifeline Thank-You Card

Throw Out a Lifeline

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball with unexpected stress attatched. How wonderful to have someone notice, and jump in to DO something helpful. This is a thank-you card for just such a person.

Lifesaver thank-you card, designed by Grace Baxter


I knew I wanted to use the theme of a lifeline for this card. In fact, there is a hymn that was running through my head as I designed the card ("Throw Out the Lifeline). I still sing it to myself whenever I look at the finished project.

Nautical, cruise ship background paper helped with the colour scheme. I used my "Thanks" punch along the top edge of aqua. Then embossed below that with an embossing folder that works beautifully for waves. 

Behind the aqua layer, I placed a navy blue piece with the wave edge done by my cutter. This piece symbolizes dark waters. Lots of pop dots were used for dimension.


The lifesaver is what it's all about. It was a bit tricky to thread the red-and-white "rope" through the tiny rings, but it was definitely worth the patience! The lifesaver image is from Life Is A Beach Cricut cartridge. But it could easily be cut using circle punches.

Lifesaver thank-you, by Grace Baxter for GraceNotes4today.blogspot.com

This design could also be used as a bon voyage card.
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June 20, 2017


Together Forever wedding box card. Designed by Grace Baxter

Together Forever, title

Wedding Box Card
One of the nicest things about a wedding is the beautiful colour scheme and the way all the pieces come together on that special day. 
The colour "Spa" was the inspiration for this card. It was my daughter's colour choice for her bridesmaids' dresses. It's a lovely watery shade that went so beautifully with the light gray suits the groom and his men wore.

View it in full screen, HD on Youtube for best enjoyment.

In the Making

The following pictures show the box card in its early stages. "Together Forever" sentiment is embossed and lightly glittered. I love this Mr & Mrs silver cardstock. It's perfect for lower outside panels. I continued the Mr & Mrs theme on the centre front flap, and cut it from sparkly paper.

Together Forever, collage
Left:  Card Closed                         Right: Open, Showing Sentiment

Wedding Attire

Groom's suit is gray with sparkly lapels. His "Spa" coloured tie matched the bridesmaids' dresses perfectly!

This bridal gown is a different style than the one actually worn by the bride, but I think it's quite pretty.

I used real "diamond tulle" fabric as an overlay on the bridal gown. Narrow "Spa" ribbon folded in half gives another accent of colour. A crystal flower adorns the waistband for extra sparkle. The neckline is dressed up with sparkle, too.

The Rings

Symbol of love forever, wedding rings need special attention.

Together Forever, Rings by Grace Baxter

These are cut from the shiniest silver foil and accented with -- as you would expect, diamonds. Okay, not real diamonds but they are real crystal.

Decorated Flaps

For the side flaps, I created my own phrases in Cricut Design Space.Together Forever box card flaps, by Grace Baxter

Back Panel and Verse

Happily Ever After, Sentiment and poem by Grace Baxter

In keeping with the "Forever" theme, I created another sentiment piece in PhotoShop.

I love the idea of "Happily Ever After" starting NOW. The finished oval fits perfectly on the back of the sign.

For the verse, I composed a little poem that is simple yet gives the message I want to say.

The ribbon and bow are from the "Sweethearts" cartridge.

Together Forever wedding box card, by Grace Baxter
My daughter and son-in-law loved their card.
This one was SO enjoyable to make!

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