September 24, 2017

Sparkly B-day Window Card 3

Glam Window B-day Card, by Grace Baxter

Sensitive 60th Birthday Card


In creating a sensitive 60th birthday card, I played up the glam side of the recipient, and played down the age thing. She appreciated the humour in the verse and loved the design. So, mission accomplished!

This is my third card created with this type of thick, embossed window. It gives the card stability and extra sparkle. More importantly, the image of the woman (who is peering in the window) invites you to look inside where the reader is rewarded by more beauty; shine and a personal verse.


As usual, I created the verse in Word, choosing a pair of fonts that work well together:
Title:  Great Vibes 22pt
Text:  Calibri 11 pt  

See the other cards created in this style:

Wishing you a Sparkling, Beautiful day!

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  1. It's rewarding to create such a personal card for a recipient, isn't it? This card is stylish and you've included so many heartfelt details. :)


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