January 8, 2018

Birthday Guy Chef

Birthday Guy

This "Guy" birthday card recognizes and celebrates the recipient's sense of humour along with his occupation.

birthday guy chef's b-day card, by Grace Baxter

Keeping It Personal

For this young man of culinary expertise, I wanted the card to appeal to his sense of humour... which is crazy good! Needless to say, he loved it!

birthday guy chef b-day card, angled. Designed by Grace BaxterThe hardest part was matching the cartoon body with his face. The original picture was a group shot and he was wearing a baseball cap. Don't ask how long it took to customize the images for this project. Seriously, it went on and on. But I loved it and could immediately see that it was going to work out well.

Even the stance of the cartoon chef is exactly the way my birthday guy stands!

Inside Card

joy of Christmas quote, by Grace Baxterbirthday guy, inside card by Grace Baxter

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