May 23, 2018

Feel the Beat ~ Birthday Card

For a Bass Guitarist

Have you ever noticed how you can FEEL the beat in your stomach when the bass guitar is loud? 

If you know a guitar player, you will know that owning one guitar is never enough. Most guitarists have several, with no limit on how many a person needs. The imagery on this card is perfect for my recipient.

bass guitar, masculine birthday card by Grace Baxter


The recipient of this card is multi-talented -- a fabulous pianist, singer, songwriter, and now bass guitarist. I know he will enjoy the details on the card.

Amp and Spare Guitar
Spare Bass Guitar and Amp. Designed by Grace Baxter
Closeup - Amp and Spare Guitar

Creating the amp was fiddly to do, but I wasn't satisfied with just a plain box for the amp. So I created the grid to be the speaker area.

And of course, music notes come from the amp, not the guitar itself. (Blue tooth, so no wires)


Inside Poem

Musician's Poem, by Grace Baxter. Copyright 2018

I believe the typical "Happy Birthday" sentiment, on its own, is far too ordinary for a card that I have put so much thought and personality into.

Nothing says "you are special" better than a poem written JUST for the recipient. This card follows my rule of always creating something unique, because ... if it's worth creating, it needs to be one-of-a-kind.

Cartridges Used

Quarter Note - Guitar player, guitars, "Feal the Beat" phrase
Creative Cards - Speaker front
Gypsy Wanderings - Music banner inside
Everyday Paper Dolls - Amplifier

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  1. Grace, you have blown me away again with this card! I love it so much, I had a poster made of it and have it hanging in my music room. You do amazing work! I will treasure this card forever. Thank you so much.

    1. I'm so glad you like it, Ron. The image of the guitar player looks just like you!


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