July 30, 2018

IT'S YOUR DAY ~ Men's Bday Card

It's Your Day ... Run With It!

Sometimes it is tricky coming up with the perfect card idea. At times like these, I think about my recipient's personality and interests. And when I've already used all those ideas... I go with the obvious!

His Shoes!
running shoes b-day card, front. Created by Grace Baxter

When I was first introduced to my "future" son-in-law, he was wearing shoes just like these ones. But his were red. In our family, we call this style of runners, "Squiggies" -- named after a character on the Laverne & Shirley TV show, who made those shoes famous. Little did I know back then that we would have our very own "Squig" joining the family.  

These runners are my son-in-law's trademark and the perfect inspiration for his birthday card. And THIS is what I love about card making! I love the process of coming up with unique themes for my cards that you won't see everywhere else.


It's your day -- Run with it. Card inside, designed by Grace BaxterFor the inside, I decided to change up the running path by making it look more like gravel. And as for the footprints!

They took some time but once I figured out how to make my vision a reality, the whole card had meaning.

Again, THIS is what I love about cardmaking.

You may notice I used realistic grass as a border for the pathway.
Had to!
Card Details

I wanted to keep the background simple to draw attention to the shoes. I lightly inked sky and grass to ground the pathway and give the sun somewhere to hang.

Cartridges Used

Birthday Bash: It's Your Day sentiment
Everyday Paper Dolls: pathway shape

Cricut Sans:  Happy Birthday phrase inside
Monotype Fonts 2:  Run With It, cut letters

July 19, 2018


Jumbo B-day Cake

Who doesn't love a birthday cake on their special day!

B-day cake shape card, by Grace Baxter

The finished size is just over 5"x7". 
I had to get creative for the envelope since it didn't fit into a standard size.

Sentiment, Close-up

The sentiment was cut from shiny, textured cardstock that has a vinyl finish.

The same material was used to for the candle stripes, above.

No other embellishment was needed.


There's a lot going on inside!

The phrase on the right panel is made up of many layers. I could've just done the "print then cut" for this image, but it's MUCH nicer to cut each layer.

July 17, 2018

Baby Pop-Up Block Card

Baby Blocks 3D Card

Here's a sweet little baby card that will stand out from the usual flat cards the mom-to-be will receive. This one is for my new baby granddaughter.  My daughter loves it so much, she is displaying it in the baby's room as décor!

baby block card, designed by Grace Baxter
Baby Block Card, Front

Double-Sided Cuteness

baby block card, back. By Grace Baxter
Baby Block Card, Back

Video on YouTube

I composed this poem, especially for my baby granddaughter. The poem is copyright protected.

baby block card, poem by Grace Baxter
Baby Block Card, Poem by Grace Baxter

Other Views

block baby card, side view. Designed by Grace Baxter for Grace Notes for Today.
baby block card, front angled view. By Grace Baxter of Grace Notes for Today

You can view a video clip of the card HERE

Thanks for viewing.

I'd love to read your comments and reactions.

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