November 10, 2018

Piano Gatefold Birthday Card

100th Birthday Celebration

When a musician reaches the milestone of her 100th birthday, there are so many reasons to celebrate her life! The people she has INSPIRED over the years, the legacy of music she leaves for everyone who knew her and the sheer joy of making music. 

piano gatefold 100th. birthday card, by Grace Baxter

About the Card

This gatefold card is 5-1/2" square. The base is 100 lb smooth white CS overlaid with black and pink mats. Rather than using a typical sentiment such as "Happy Birthday" I opted for a word that described the recipient and her music -- Inspirational.

The obvious focal point is the grand piano, cut in 2 layers (black and pink) with an insert of white for the piano keys. Its fancy matting shape in both sparkly silver and white makes the piano jump out even more. The embossing, of course, needed to be music notation.

piano gatefold birthday card, embossed right panel. By Grace Baxter


The poem I used is perfect for a centenarian. And as I designed the card, I enjoyed reminiscing on wonderful memories. My recipient was the musician who played at my wedding, many years ago. So this is my 'thank-you' of appreciation.

Grand piano birthday gatefold card front, designed by Grace Baxter

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